Paul's House

Below are pictures of my current house (my first house!) both as of when I bought it and how it looks now. What do you  think? Should I apply for a job on 'Changing Rooms'?


  As the house was when I bought it
  As the house is after I decorated it


Entrance - After walking through the front door this is what you see

Dining Room - Next to the kitchen

Dining Room - Has a window

Dining Room - View from the kitchen

Dining Room - Added table and chairs

Dining Room - Added a clock

Dining Room - Painted the walls and ceiling

Kitchen - Overall view

Kitchen - Note how the worktop has been hacked away - very dodgy craftsmanship

Kitchen - I like these lights and curtains

Kitchen - Ovan and hobs - not sure how much use these are going to get!



Kitchen - Fridge-Freezer in Zircon Silver

Kitchen - Matching washer/Drier

Kitchen - View from Dining room

Kitchen - Something should go there...

Kitchen - Cabinets are okay but not great, the worktop has been painted pink. Floor is functional but not desirable

Storage Cupboard - In the kitchen, under the stairs

Kitchen - Added a partition with glass to keep the room light

Kitchen - Bullet bin!

Kitchen - Added black worktop and air extractor

Storage Cupboard - In the kitchen, under the stairs

Living Room - Hmm, good place for a sofa?

Living Room - Ahh, the TV point!

Living Room - Nice curtains and carpet


Living Room - 3 seater sofa

Living Room - Added a TV, DVD, Sky

Living Room - 2 seater sofa

Living Room -

Rear Garden - With a shed in the corner

Rear Garden - And the house behind

Rear Garden - Nice and easy to maintain

Downstairs Toilet - Note the toilet roll holder almost immediatly above the toilet!

Rear Garden - With a shed in the corner

Rear Garden - Slidng door open

Rear Garden - Nice and trim

Stairs - Looking up

Upstairs Bathroom - No cabinet!

Upstairs Bathroom - No shower!

Upstairs Bathroom - Cracked bath panel!

Upstairs Bathroom - Toilet and window facing rear of house

Upstairs Bathroom - Towel rail

Upstairs Bathroom - Radiator

Bedroom 1 - Got to get rid of that lamp shade

Bedroom 1 - Entrance

Bedroom 1 - End wall

Bedroom 1 - Storage

Bedroom 1 - Window facing front of house

Bedroom 2 - End wall

Bedroom 2 - Entrance

Bedroom 2 - Window facing front of house

Bedroom 2 - Storage

Bedroom 3 - Looks like it was a kiddies room