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For all networking questions, including the 3 building scenario have a look at this list of thing that you should be thinking about:

Things to look at:

  • Security aspects (both logical and physical)
  • Expansion (i.e. more PCs, printers, etc to be added later?)
  • Speed
  • Servers (as few as possible = cheaper, easier to manage, less 
    network bandwidth)
  • Distance - a signal can not travel more than about 80-100 metres along a 
    network cable. So you will need a device to boost/relay/repeat the 
    signal... What if the cable breaks, or gets struck by lightning (common 
    problem with household modems)?
  • Do you know what the difference is between a hub and a switch?
  • What type of network cable will you use? BNC, UTP (which category? Which 
    categories are available?), fiber optic, Wireless (name different 
  • Topologies
  • Will it be a LAN, MAN or WAN?
  • Which networking protocols would you use and why?
  • Allocation of IP addresses (static or dynamic? might need both - why?, 
    how would they be assigned and allocated? Big hint - look up 'DHCP')
  • Backup solutions
  • Robustness
  • Administration - how many LAN administrators are needed, where would 
    they be based?

There is a lot more to it but the above should give you a good start. Look at Webopedia and WhatIs for technical references (e.g. look up UTP). Give example prices of kit (Net Shop, Dabs, etc.)